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One Year Post Vandalism update

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Olive Hanley Vandalism


There are not enough kind words to express our gratitude.

On Monday, February 20, 2017, our staff discovered a heart wrenching act of desecration to our grounds which destroyed the peaceful surroundings of our community.  This callous treatment of our departed remembered loved ones shattered our sense of security and love.

What came out of that hurtful event was a joining of communities, a communal showing of decency and love.  Hundreds came out to rake, wipe down monuments, pick up trash, remove fallen branches and much more.  These were people, no . . . FRIENDS, who came to show solidarity, respect and caring.

We want to thank our government officials including our Vice President, Governor, Congressmen, and other government officials, Mayor, Clergy from so many religious denominations, organizations such as The Jewish Federation of St. Louis, Hillel, Anti Defamation League, community schools, synagogues, churches and mosques who sent out delegations of children, teens, and congregants.

A great thank you to the Rosenbloom Monument company which brough their entire crew and reset all the fallen monuments before the week was complete.

This was a community effort and it could not have succeeded without the support of a staff of amazing volunteers who worked behind the scenes to create an atmosphere of calm.

The office volunteers have been considerate and patient taking calls, giving directions and assisting families locate their loved ones' monuments.

Our cemetery staff has been amazing (as usual) and has shown that they are the backbone to this organization.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

                              Chesed Shel Emeth Board of Directors and Staff

Vandalism Update - as of May 8, 2017

St. Louis Public Radio

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